Why would a singer & songwriter blog?

lauren aleece

lauren aleece

If more context means more HOPE in your journey, you’ll find me writing… 

As a singer and songwriter, ideally I want my songs to connect with what’s in your heart. To evoke similar emotions to what I felt when I first penned the words to my notebook or tried the words out on a melody. To welcome you into the experience of finally putting those words with the instruments, and beautifully arranged by a talented producer. 
But I also think there’s a lot of power in context. 

Ever heard a punch line outside of the joke? Usually it falls flat. 

Sometimes a joke is funny enough to stand alone, but it’s almost always most funny in the correct context. It amazes me that songs are beautiful in and of themselves. They really don’t need context like a joke. However, anytime I’ve heard the story behind a song that came from the heart or, even as a worship leader, knowing the Scripture that inspired song lyrics, that song becomes even more powerful in the context of why it was written – the context from which the song was birthed. 

I’m not just a singer, and these songs aren’t just words. They’re part of my journey. 

I want to take you on that journey with me in the hopes that you feel connected and encouraged. These songs were written out of tough life journeys and beautiful lessons learned through them. So you see, I’m not just singing songs or writing words – I’m telling my story. 

I’d love it if you’d join me.

I hope you find strength and encouragement for your journey as you take these small steps with me through my own. 

Hold on to Hope, friends 


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