Song Stories: “Calm the Storm”

lauren aleece

lauren aleece

In March of 2020 a storm that had been making its way across the world finally hit our shores.


Take “dem” out of “pandemic,” and that’s about what we had – “panic.”

Shutdowns, toilet paper shortages, fear of leaving our homes or giving a close friend a hug.

As I write this, it’s been almost exactly a year since “covid” and “coronavirus” and “unprecedented” and “pandemic” became part of our daily vocabulary – all words many of us barely knew, much less used before March of 2020.

I remember as our government declared a shutdown, I felt like my social media had a meltdown. Fear running rampant. People looked to government and scientists and politicians to fix something completely out of their hands.

But as I thought about a Christian’s response to this health crisis and fear, I remembered a similar hopeless scenario and how Jesus handled the storm he experienced.

A whole year later, and people are still full of fear – fear of being oppressed by the government, fear of people not wearing masks, fear of not being able to get the vaccine in time, fear of being forced to get the vaccine, and the list goes on – no matter your perspective.

But what if we as Christians can stand in the middle and pray a prayer like this song?

I first shared a clip of this song the day I wrote it, and you can look back at that video here where I share what was stirring in my heart as I wrote this song: Look forward to you being able to hear the final version of this song. May it bring you peace as you turn to the one who is the giver of peace and all good things!

It’s been refined since I pressed “record” on my iphone at home, but the message & the prayer is the same.

My prayer for you is that when you feel overwhelmed or afraid, this song can help remind you of the one who brings peace and is still on the throne – always in control.

Hold on to hope, friends! Because hope never disappoints (Isaiah 49:23).

– lauren aleece


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