Introducing "HOLD ON TO HOPE"

 “What does it mean to Hold on to Hope? For me it means reminding myself of the things that are true, good, right, and worth being thankful for. While these songs look honestly at the struggles and questions of life, they also look for the bright side – the hope. Ultimately I find my hope in the God of the Bible, that he can make good even out of the bad and the hard situations of life. Because of my faith in God, I always have a reason to hope.

No matter where you’re at in life, my desire is that these songs would bring HOPE. Even if you’ve hit a bump in the road, keep your eyes fixed on your destination and the good things to come.
May you find the strength to always Hold on to Hope!”  
– lauren aleece

About Lauren ALEECE

Bunk beds, a bunny wallpaper border, and a tiny song coming from a brown-haired, brown-eyed little girl singing out what she’s learning. A few years later, she learns to write those songs down, and for her 7th birthday she gets a cassette tape recorder with bright red, yellow, and blue buttons to record the songs she sings for her dad. 


…that little girl is now a wife, dog-mom, pastor, and loves any opportunity to sing! She actively writes – both songs & blog posts – about what she’s learning! As you listen to these songs, her hope is that they will resonate with you and bring hope & joy as we explore together the intersection of faith and fear, hope and prayer, praise and mourning. 

What are some other fun facts about Lauren Aleece? She’s married to the boy she had a crush on in 3rd grade, she’s super into nutrition, she babies her house plants, enjoys walking her dog Bentley, and a perfect day probably revolves around food. 

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